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Begin at the beginning

The first thing we do is take some time to get to know the business. These include

  • What your company does
  • Who your customers are
  • How you are currently perceived and how you'd like to be seen in the future
  • What your corporate colours are
  • What you personally want out of your company's website
  • What your budget is and how many pages you would like
  • Who will be in charge of dealing with decision making whilst we are creating the site for you

At this point it is helpful for us to have copies of any corporate materials you have eg catalogues, brochures, headed paper and any electronic material you may have in terms of JPEGs of logos etc.

You will at this point need to decide if you are going to supply your own 'copy'  (the words in the website) or if you would like us to write them for you.  The same applies to photography.  If you decide you would like to use our services for words and pictures we would then draw up a list of recommendations for you to consider before we embark.

What comes next?

Shortly after meeting with you, we will send or present to you with two ideas for site designs.  We would ask that you respond promptly (within one week) with your comments.  Once the design has been agreed we would ask that you supply copy and photos within 10 days in order to get things moving swiftly.

We would then go away and build the site and send you a link to it.  Please go through it carefully and come back to us with comments in writing (e-mail or post) within 7 working days. We can then work to solve any problems you have and get the site finished soonest.

Shortly after we should have a band new site for you!

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